Lawn Maintenance Cherry Hill, NJ

Regardless of whether you are a residential, municipal, or commercial customer, your lawn is most likely the largest area of your landscape. It serves as both a foreground for your property and a canvass for ornamental flowers, trees, and shrubs to flourish and help beautify the property. If the lawn is not well maintained, it will severely subtract from the appearance of everything else.

Not only is a well-kept lawn nice to look at for the home or business owner as well as anyone who visits or passes by, it will also raise the property value precisely for this reason. If you come to Create-A-Scape in Cherry Hill to have your lawn looked after, we will make sure that everybody can see the difference between a job done by a do-it-yourselfer and a professional look. You will get the most comprehensive lawn services available.

Our lawn fertilization programs are tailored to fit your needs and preferences. We are 3A/3B certified for fertilization, and can do any type you wish. Some customers prefer only organic products, while others prefer more traditional methods.

Mowing is among the most basic services for any lawn maintenance company. One of the most fundamental things you can do to improve the appearance of your lawn is to have it neatly mowed by a true professional such as the people on our staff. We take care to mow your grass to the optimal height -between three and 3.5 inches - in order to stimulate a healthy growth cycle. Our company uses top-of-the-line equipment, and we make sure that it is well maintained. We have a full-time mechanic on staff who keeps the blades of the mowers sharpened in order to prevent scalping. Of course, edging is also included, to give a very neatly defined border between the grass and the hardscape.

During the active growing season, it is inevitable that weeds will be a constant threat to your grass and other plant life. They are very resilient, growing and thriving without any help. Wherever they sprout, they seek to displace your grass and steal the nutrients that are intended for your lawn. Our staff is extremely thorough at ridding your property of that unwanted plant life.

When we first come out to inspect your lawn, if it is in bad shape to the point where it probably cannot be saved, do not worry, the skilled hands of the staff at Create-A-Scape can lay down new sod for you, and give your lawn a fresh new start.

Our company uses the Integrated Approach Management (IPM) towards pest control. We do not spray for disease or insects unless there is a known presence. Create-A-Scape is environmentally conscious, and thus we prefer to stay away from using pesticides and fungicides when it is not absolutely necessary.

The critical jobs of aeration and reseeding also are not overlooked. The aeration of your grass is important for relieving the compaction of your soil that happens over time. With the loosening of the dirt, it will allow water and nutrients to more easily penetrate and get to the roots, encouraging healthier growth and deepening of the roots. The result is a thicker lawn that will be more resistant to weed displacement.

Unlike some of our competition, our lawn maintenance goes beyond just grass. It also extends to tree and shrub care. We can prune your flora once or twice a year, depending upon your preference. It is generally done once in the summer, and once in the fall. It also includes fertilization of those trees and shrubs, as well as the ornamental flowers in your landscape beds.

A lush, healthy lawn’s appearance can be diminished if there is too much debris or dead leaves sitting on top of it. Luckily, Create-A-Scape offers spring and fall cleanups, so the greenness of your lawn can be seen by all. Thatching services are also offered, to remove those stems and roots that accumulate near the surface of your lawn’s soil.

The maintenance of outdoor lighting is also part of our lawn maintenance service. Any bulbs that have gone out will be replaced. We will also maintain your ponds, cleaning and winterizing them with heaters, as well as install pond nets to prevent debris from accumulating at the bottom. And speaking of taking care of damaging debris, we also offer a gutter cleaning service. Not only can dirty gutters result in doing damage to the bottom of the foundation of your house, they will also invite pests to make a home within them. Clean gutters also make room for our rainwater harvesting service, which can be used in your pond, for irrigation, and other domestic uses.

For customers who wish to go the extra mile in giving their lawn and landscape a truly elite look, we have a quality control program that consists of extra tweaking. It involves us coming out more often and inspecting your property’s landscape for replacing anything missing, or removing anything that should not be there. Meaning, if we see even a single weed, it will be removed. If we notice even one flower eaten or missing for any reason, we will replace it with a new one. If there are any missing stones in your retaining wall, or in your waterscape, that will also be remedied.

Create-A-Scape has done our part to help our section of New Jersey live up to its name as the Garden State. In the Cherry Hill and Camden County area, the residential, commercial, and municipal lawns and plant life that we take care of stand out among their neighbors. And our award-winning company has always done so at a price that that will not bust your budget. If you want your lawn and plant life to be as healthy and look the best as they possibly can, give us a call or visit our contact page for a free estimate. We deal with all lawns and landscapes, both large and small.