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The township of Voorhees, New Jersey is located in the central eastern section of Camden County. After the uniting of two Native American tribes in the early 17th century, the Swedish and Dutch formed settlements in what is now the incorporated township. In 1664, Britain proceeded to conquer all of New Jersey and made it an official colony. 

Similar to its surrounding areas, the settlement originally was primarily an agricultural community. By the early 19th century, other small neighborhoods started to form along the main road paths, and agriculture was joined by sawmills and the lumber industry. Towards the middle of that century, the Camden and Atlantic Railroad made a large economic impact on the communities. It enabled travelers and workers to easily travel to and from Philadelphia at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. With that, came the subsequent diversification of the area’s economy. The community continued to develop until it came to a point where in 1899, it petitioned the New Jersey legislature to become an incorporated township. On March 1st of that year, the petition was granted, and the community was named Voorhees Township, after the incumbent governor Foster McGowan Voorhees who signed its authorization for incorporation. Since that day, the township has experienced significant expansion, and is a desirable place to live among the suburbs.

Since the turn of the 20th century, the economic diversification of the area led to a population boom within the community. With a paint factory, railroad jobs, tailors, and grocers adding to the increasingly less agricultural township, it became more industrialized. Since its first census in 1900 yielded a count of 969 people, the population of Voorhees Township has increased every decade since. In terms of percentage increases, its largest booms happened during the 1960 and 1980 census, with a population increase of 107.6 percent and 107.9 percent, respectively. In a very population dense state, the township ranks 246th, with the density of just over 2500 people per square mile. Its population as of the 2010 census was 29,131 people. Voorhees Township covers over 11.6 square miles, with 0.15 square miles of that being water.

Even though the long settled Voorhees Township has been incorporated for over a century, it did not get its first post office until the year 1985, having previously been served by six different post offices from surrounding towns.

One of the largest individual business within the township is New Jersey American Water, which is the largest water utility within the state. It provides water to over two million people. In terms of industry within the borders, it is known for its healthcare. Many major health systems such as West Jersey and others have established facilities within Voorhees Township. They are accompanied by over 350 offices of individual healthcare providers in various disciplines of the industry. Create-A-Scape is proud to be a provider to some of these businesses in improving their landscapes.

The diverse industries of mainly small businesses have done well by the economy of Voorhees Township. The median household income is over $82,000 per year, with only just over six percent of the population underneath the US poverty line.

Of Voorhees Township’s almost 120 miles of roads, almost all of them are municipal. Route 73 is the only highway that passes through the town’s borders. Two alternate ways to get to Philadelphia from Voorhees is via their sole railway, as well as the New Jersey Transit bus system.

In the area of public education, Voorhees serves only children from kindergarten through eighth grade. One elementary school won the National Blue Ribbon School award in 2003. They have no high school of their own. Rather, public high schoolers go to Eastern Regional High School. This establishment brings in teens from Gibbsboro, Voorhees Township, and Berlin Borough. There are also two private schools within the boundaries of Voorhees - Kellman Brown Academy, and Naudain Academy, which is an affiliate of Montessori. The school system has come a long way from the first original single room school house that was built in 1884.

Two significant sports establishments within Voorhees are the Skate Zone, which the Philadelphia Flyers use as one of their training areas, and the Coliseum, where the Arena Football League’s Philadelphia Soul train.

Voorhees Township markets itself on being very family friendly. Indeed, there are many such related activities available. Along with an array of restaurants, and some annual municipal events, there is also the Rave Motion Pictures movie theater, which contains 16 screens with digital projection and full stadium seating. For those with a taste for live theater there is also the Fusion Performing Arts Center, which is geared towards youth performers. As far as shopping is concerned, the relatively pedestrian friendly township has many individual small boutiques, as well as the Voorhees Town Center. This is a relatively small shopping mall with two anchor stores, Macy’s and Boscov’s. Voorhees is also home to two miniature golf courses – Pleasant Valley and Golf Land. If you wish to be able to beat all of your friends the next round, you should call Create-A-Scape and have us install a putting green in your backyard so that you can get some practice in every day. In addition, this family-friendly town has a few sports complexes with fields of various sports that can be reserved for organized games. There are also a variety of small parks and playgrounds were you can take your children to play. Not to mention taking in the beautiful scenery that nature has to offer. You can enjoy a smaller replica of this by doing business with our staff here at Create-A-Scape.

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