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The community of Sicklerville is located within Winslow Township, New Jersey, inside of Camden County. For an unincorporated community, it is very sizable - larger than many cities - with a population of 50,589 as of the 2010 census. Though its population density is lower than many areas of New Jersey, it is still very high compared to other parts of the United States, with 1,900 people per square mile. The community covers over 22.3 square miles, with just 0.05 square miles of water.

This namesake of this unincorporated community was developed around what was called the Sicklerville Post Office which began operation in 1874, which was named after John Sickler by his descendant Paul, who was the office’s first postmaster. He came from a German family with the surname Ziegler, who later anglicized their name. John Sickler originally moved to the community at the turn of the 19th century, and had 12 children. The community remained very small for several years, with only ten homes in existence over a decade later. At that time, the area was known as Sickler Town, rather than Sicklerville. This was due to the name of the railroad station built for the community. For a while, both names were used, until Sicklerville eventually won out.

Like many of the towns and cities around it, Sicklerville was part of an area that had originally been settled for agriculture. However, the area was also rife with trees, particularly cedar and pine. The members of the community would cut the wood and use it to make charcoal. This served to open up commerce with Philadelphia, where they used the product to smelt iron ore. After the community area was clear of trees, the early settlers had more space for which to grow their crops.

Sicklerville is more diverse in Christian religious sects than it was in its early days. The Methodists built the first church here in 1837, which was a simple one room building that doubled as a school for the children. Before its construction, services of faith were conducted in people’s homes. The original Methodist church still exists today, however it operates inside a different building. Today, the Methodists are joined by other denominations, namely Baptists and Catholics, and there is a selection of individual churches from which to choose.

Economically, the unincorporated community is about average, with a median household income of over $61,000. However, less than six percent of people living in Sicklerville are below the poverty line. The community has a relatively average crime rate compared to the rest of the United States. The majority of the local crime is of the non-violent types.

There is no shortage of family oriented recreation here in this community. Gloucester Township Community Park is a notable one, with interests and activities catering to all ages. There is playground equipment, tennis courts, basketball courts, and fields of play. It is highly rated for birthday parties as well as a good area for jogging. Another popular place is New Brooklyn Park, an approximately 760 acre site which has a disc golf course, softball field, amphitheater, a sand volleyball court, a mile and a quarter bike path, picnic areas, a canoe launch, and more. It is a favored area for hikers and people looking to fish. It is a larger version of what Create-A-Scape can give you at home with the installation of beautiful flora and a waterscape.

The majority of businesses in Sicklerville are locally owned stores and businesses, similar to Create-A-Scape. There is, however, a large flea market known as Peddlers Warehouse. They have a wide selection of vendors, carrying many antiques, collector’s items, as well as both new and used fashion and consumables. The most prevalent occupations of the residents of Sicklerville are in management, business, finance, computers, and engineering.

The children of Sicklerville attend the Winslow Township school district from prekindergarten through twelfth grade. It began in 1998 after splitting from the regional school district of lower Camden County. There is a single public high school, Winslow Township High School. Sicklerville also houses a vocational and technical school. The Winslow Township school district also draws some students from nearby Chesilhurst.

The New Jersey Transit bus service is a convenient way for people to get to any of the surrounding towns, and also Philadelphia. The surrounding Winslow Township area has 245 miles of roads, with Route 30, Route 73, Route 143, and the famed Atlantic City Expressway, otherwise known as Route 446, being the four highways that pass through the town.

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