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Though Moorestown, New Jersey has been an official township for less than a century, having been incorporated in the year 1922, it was settled 240 years before that by the first English speaking residents. John and Sarah Roberts moved to the area in the year 1682, and there is now a monument where they built their home. In the coming decades, the settlement gradually expanded when more people began to purchase land for farming. With the original European settlers mainly made up of Quakers, a Society of Friends meeting house was built at the turn of the 18th century. In the year 1722, a man named Thomas Moore came to the settlement with his wife Elizabeth, purchasing 33 acres of land. Due to his eventual prominence and influence in the local community, along with his considerable property ownership, the unofficial settlement was eventually named after him, and kept the same name upon its incorporation into a township. Located in Burlington County, which is the largest county by area, and the eleventh largest by population in the state of New Jersey, it is considered an eastern suburb of Philadelphia, even though it is in a different state. It is located just a few miles southeast of the Delaware River.

Ever since its first census in 1930, Moorestown has experienced growth every single decade. It experienced its peak growth in the 1950s, expanding from 9,123 people to 12,497 people, a 37 percent increase in population. The smallest era of growth happened between 1970 and 1980, with the township’s population increasing by just a tenth of a percent.

Moorestown has come a long way economically since the Quaker settlers near the end of the 17th century. While originally it was a farming community, it is now a city of a diverse presence of industry, including two of the largest in their individual fields in the world. The largest soft drink company, Coca-Cola, has a facility in Moorestown. The pioneer in elevators, Otis, and also still the largest producer of elevators, also has its biggest US facility here. The largest cable Internet provider in the US, Comcast, has a station in the suburb as well. The weapons and defense industry also has established a significant presence in the township, with Lockheed Martin as well as the United States Navy keeping facilities here. BAYADA Home Health Care, a major nursing support staff, has made Moorestown the home of its international headquarters. Of course, while large corporations play a significant role in the economy of Moorestown, smaller locally owned businesses certainly also contribute as well. No matter what the size of the business, Create-A-Scape is proud to say that we service a significant customer base in this suburb, helping them create an eye-pleasing impression to all who pass by or visit.

Moorestown Township has its own independent public school district, which runs from prekindergarten through twelfth grade. Because the township is part of Burlington County, its students are able to attend the noted vocational and technical school called the Burlington County Institute of Technology, should they so desire. The school offers a very wide range of vocational fields from which to choose. The incorporation also has several youth and athletic clubs, including baseball, basketball, football, softball, street hockey, soccer, and lacrosse.

While Moorestown does not have its own train station, it does have a public bus system that shuttles many residents around the township and surrounding areas, including across the bridge to and from Philadelphia. The township itself has 123 miles worth of roads.

Compared to the rest of the state of New Jersey, Moorestown has a considerably lower than average crime rate. It has a median household income of over $78,000, well above the national average, and comparatively good overall economic conditions.

The township also has its own enclosed shopping mall, the 1,059,405 square foot, single-floored Moorestown Mall, with Lord and Taylor, Macy’s, Sears, and Boscov’s as its four large anchoring department stores, accompanied by over 90 smaller specialty stores and a decent selection of restaurants. The mall has been servicing the community since the year 1963.

If you are visiting anywhere near Moorestown and desire an eye-catching scenic view of nature, you can go to the Boundary Creek Natural Resource Area. A 34 acre space of beautiful land, it is just like a larger version of the landscape you can get when you come to Create-A-Scape. It is known for its bird and other wildlife watching capabilities. Though it was set aside primarily for the study of nature, complete with boardwalks and hiking trails, it also has picnic areas. It is geared toward quiet, passive recreational use.

Here are a few very interesting facts about the township. The first pertains to alcohol. Moorestown banned liquor sales in 1915, even before the era of national Prohibition had begun. Its ban also did not end with Prohibition, only having been legalized as recently as 2011, and still restricted only to the Moorestown Mall. In the year 2005, Money magazine ranked the township the top place to live in the United States.

For those that are interested in the arts, the Perkins Center for the Arts has been in Moorestown Township since the year 1977. The center is located in a Tudor house that was built in 1910, and has also expanded to include a second building in the nearby city of Collingswood. It holds studios, exhibitions, and classes in various forms of art. It has received a citation of excellence and is recognized by the state of New Jersey as a major presenting organization.

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