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The borough known as Haddonfield, New Jersey was exclusively occupied by Native Americans until 1682. In October of that year, a Quaker named Francis Collins moved to the area and became the first European settler. Interestingly enough, the borough’s namesake, John Haddon, never set foot within the borough or even within the United States of America. Rather, his daughter Elizabeth, moved to the area from England at the turn of the 18th century. After marrying a Quaker minister, she soon became a very influential member of the community, using her capital resources for its development.

Having come a long way from being an exclusively agricultural community, Haddonfield is known for its dining, shopping, and coffeehouses, as well as its parks and recreational facilities. Restaurants of all culinary varieties are represented in the town. Its downtown area yields a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, and is made up of many locally owned businesses similar to Create-A-Scape, who has serviced customers in this borough for a long time.

As far as food is concerned, Haddonfield is not only known for its restaurants anymore. For the past decade, it has been the site of a seasonal farmers market from May through October. Foods, beverages, and even handcrafted art are represented.

The Summer Sidewalk Sale is a popular annual event in Haddonfield, taking place in August. Boutiques and shops of various types line some of the borough’s downtown streets for four days, displaying their wares for purchase. The event also includes food and entertainment.

If you are looking for a new job, or seeking to make connections with other professionals in your field, or maybe just wanting to meet up with former coworkers and socialize, the town hosts several networking events throughout the year. You can cultivate a new business contact and exchange information, perhaps leading to landing the job of your dreams.

The borough contains almost 47 miles worth of roads, and they all have a speed limit of 25 miles per hour. The reason for this is that part of Haddonfield’s social marketing is the fact that it is very pedestrian friendly. There is no section of the borough that cannot be traversed by foot, with sidewalks readily available, accompanying all streets of the small town. However, it does have a rapid transit rail station, enabling residents to get to Philadelphia in reasonable time. The town balances its pedestrian friendly atmosphere with having a significant amount of public parking available for motorists.

Being a relatively small area of just nearly 2.9 square miles, Haddonfield has a population of 11,593 in the 2010 census. Since its first census in 1850, the borough exhibited steady rapid influx until the 1960s, when its population peaked at 13,201. Since then, it has lost population every subsequent decade with the exception of the 2000 census. Haddonfield is a somewhat affluent borough, with the median household income of over $112,000. Less than five percent of the population is below the poverty line. Like most municipalities in New Jersey, the borough has a high population density of over 4,100 people per square mile. One of the most popular areas of occupation of the residents is the legal field. Haddonfield is currently home to nearly 400 existing law practices. 

Having a standard public school district of prekindergarten through twelfth grade, Haddonfield’s school system contains not only children from the borough, but also draws some from Pine Valley and Tavistock. Its public schools are regarded as well above average in performance, with its high school receiving the National Blue Ribbon School Award of Excellence in the year 2005. The Quaker influence in the borough remains significant in many aspects that include private education, with its Haddonfield Friends School still in operation, opening in 1786.

Despite its small area, Haddonfield has significant bodies of water, the most notable of which is Hopkins Pond. This stands out due to its maximum depth of 30 feet despite its small surface volume, and emptying in the Cooper River. The others are Driscoll Pond - which is located in the same park as Hopkins Pond, Wallworth Lake, and Evans Pond. A smaller replica of this scenery can be had right on your property with lush grass, colorful flora, and flowing water should you decide to allow Create-A-Scape to do your landscaping.

Haddonfield was far ahead of the United States Prohibition era in outlawing alcohol, having done so in the year 1873. After the borough broke away from Haddonfield Township in 1875, the law remained on the books. To this day, the band has never been lifted, and it remains a dry community. That makes it ironic that one of its greatest and oldest historical landmarks is the Indian King Tavern. Established in 1750, in addition to providing its guests with drink until the alcohol ban took effect, it was also used as a strategic location in achieving New Jersey’s independence from Britain. During the American Revolution, the building served as a site for the colony’s legislature, concealing their meetings from the British Army. With its alcohol serving days long over, it now serves the public as a museum.

The borough of Haddonfield is not only known for its history, but also its prehistory. In 1838, fossilized bones belonging to that of a Hadrosaurus were discovered. This was the first species and specimen of dinosaur to be discovered in North America with more fossilized parts than isolated teeth. Because of this, the Hadrosaurus Foulkii Leidy Site, where the bones were found, is now a US national historic landmark. Also, the species has been declared New Jersey’s state dinosaur, and a replica statue picturing what the dinosaur may have looked like in life has also been erected in the borough.

Create-A-Scape may not be as old as the borough of Haddonfield, however, we have been around long enough to become leading experts at what we do. We are proud to serve this borough and its neighboring cities and towns, both residential and commercial properties alike. Call us today or visit our contact page to schedule a free estimate for all of your landscaping desires.