Landscaping Cherry Hill, NJ

The benefits of having an attractive landscape are numerous. For a homeowner, spending a day outside is far more pleasant when you have a beautiful sight in front of you. Few things can give a more tranquil ambiance to a backyard than a pond or gently flowing waterfall. Coupled with beautiful ornamental flowers and shrubs in your landscape beds not only make you feel like you are in an artisan’s picture, it will also raise the value of your property if and when you decide to sell. For a business owner, a well put together landscape serves as a valuable first impression to a customer, a vendor, or a prospective employee you are trying to acquire. If your home or business is in or near the Cherry Hill area, Create-A-Scape has been a leader in this field for well over two decades.

Like you, we value making a good first impression as well. It all starts by viewing our image gallery to see some of our work, and then giving us a call. Our past results, as well as our promptness of replying, will show you that we are serious about working with you to take your property to the next level. In addition, you will be happy to know that our consultation visit is absolutely free. Create-A-Scape’s team of seasoned employees are masters at color coordination for your ornamental flowers, as well as picking the right species of shrub or tree for the right place. After you give us an idea of your budget, we will inspect your property and counsel you on coming up with the best combination of plant life to make your landscape a sight for everyone to behold. Our employees will then give you all the other information you need to feel comfortable about giving us the go-ahead to start working. Because of our experience, our employees will be able to give you an accurate assessment not only on price, but also on how much time it will take to complete the project.

Two of our very favorite things to do are waterfalls and ponds. What better way to make your yard a complete picture of nature than a nice body of water, or the tranquility that a flowing stream can yield? We don’t resort to just one or two templates, your water system will be individually tailored to optimally fit your property.

Would you like a natural bouquet of ornamental flowers in your landscape beds? Create-A-Scape is the leading expert at laying out an eye-pleasing arrangement of seasonal colors for spring, fall, and summer. Of course, our expertise in arrangement is not limited to flowers. Knowing the right place, and the right species, of trees and shrubs to install has played a significant role in our landscaping success. We know where to put the ones that need the most sunlight, as well as those that will do better with more shade.

If you find that your plant life is not thriving the way it should, perhaps it is time to have your soil replaced. Our staff can install as much as is needed to restore a healthy growth cycle to your flora. We can also add mulch for an extra layer of nourishment, as well as improve the appearance of the bed.

As good as our company is at taking care of grass and real plant life, should you desire synthetic surfaces, those can be arranged as well. We can lay down artificial turf just as well as we can install sod. For the golfers who desire everyday practice, what better way to get it than an artificial green to improve your putting game?

Now that you have a beautiful pond, an array of striking flowers, trees, and shrubs, why not maximize their appearance 24 hours a day? Our skill and outdoor lighting is unmatched. The extent to which this can accentuate the appearance of your landscape at night should not be underestimated. 

Create-A-Scape uses LED lighting, which will save you considerable money on electric bills, while creating an evening picture that will get your house, and your landscape the admiration of anyone who is fortunate enough to visit or pass by.Our staff is just as adept at maintaining what we install. If you opt to have us maintain the shrubs, flowers, and trees that we have installed for you, Create-A-Scape’s guarantee the health of your flora for life. Our company places customer satisfaction and quality work as our highest two priorities. The last thing you can expect when you do business with us is our needing to come back and redo things that should have been done right the first time. Regardless of how large or how small the job is, we take the utmost pride in giving maximum effort.

Along with our award-winning quality work, our ability to do just about anything related to landscaping, and the accommodating nature of our business, comes another important aspect. That of course, would be price. We can give you more beauty for your dollar than any of our competitors. Whether your budget is light or heavy, we will make certain your property looks a lot more expensive than what you actually spent on its improvement. Also, we do not expect complete upfront payment when we agree on a plan. Our standard policy is one third in advance, one third about midway through the job, and the final third upon completion.

Create-A-Scape has been proud to serve Cherry Hill and the surrounding Camden County area since 1990. Our ownership and staff would love the opportunity to add you to our expanding customer base. Please call us or visit our contact page for more information, or to schedule your free estimate.