Hardscaping Cherry Hill, NJ

Having a lush, green lawn, as well as healthy shrubs and trees are essential to a picture of beauty for your outdoor property. As is a perfectly arranged coloring of ornamental flowers. Water features will take the picture of nature to the next level. However, the other important component to an elite looking overall landscape is your hardscape. A mediocre looking or cracked patio, sunken driveway, or unkempt walks can really subtract from the scenery. Attempting to fix your hardscape, or install one yourself is a very large investment of time, and it most likely will not turn out as well as having it done by a team of true professionals. Teams of workers that do this for a living will give you a clearly superior result. And among professionals in the Cherry Hill and surrounding Camden County area, Create-A-Scape is an elite choice to install and build anything in the realm of hardscaping.

Just as with our horticultural landscaping services, it begins with our prompt response to your call followed by a consultation that is completely free of charge. After our staff comes out and surveys your property, they will be able to provide you with the ideal vision that will fit your budget as well as your layout. Feel free to ask them any questions; the quality of our work is matched only by our approachability. Our vision will be followed by architectural skill that is unsurpassed in the Camden County region. We are certified by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI), and are qualified to do any hardscaping job you have in mind. Taking a look through our image gallery will give you some insight as to just how beautiful we can make your property look with a well put together hardscape.

Create-A-Scape’s patios are one of our biggest hardscape specialties. We have been building them since the day we opened our doors for business. After their installation, they are guaranteed for a minimum of five years. Whether your preference is stone, clay, or concrete, we can do it all with top quality. Most of our staff has been doing this for many years, and we have brought them on because they are proven experts. Their skilled hands combined with our company’s use of only the best products will always produce a superior result.

Having a fire pit as a part of your hardscape can serve multiple functions. Do you and your family enjoy spending time out in your backyard on cool nights? What better way to help keep you warm? They can also serve as a cooking source. Roasts can be done, as well as something as simple as toasting marshmallows. In addition, they can also really add to a positive ambiance for having guests over for outdoor gatherings.

Of course, a fire pit is certainly not your only option for cooking outdoors. If you are planning on eating a meal outside, why not have the rest of the cooking equipment available to you in the form of an outdoor kitchen? A feature such as this can truly make your outdoors an extension of your indoor living space.

Is it a day where the sun is being especially brutal? Or is it raining? You want to spend time outside, while making certain that you do not get dehydrated from sweat, or drenched by rain. Our installations of gazebos and pergolas have provided many families with shaded outdoor comfort over the years, while truly accentuating a backyard.

What better way to complete a large hardscape area than to have an attractive walkway paver? A clear, connecting path from your patio to your gazebo, or from your porch to your driveway provides an appearance of continuity to your hardscape areas.

Driveways and mailboxes, being in the front of a house or building, give a considerable contribution to the overall first impression of a property, regardless of whether you are a residential, municipal, or commercial customer. We have many types of materials and designs to choose from, and the vision of our employees based on years of experience can definitely help counsel you as to what may look the best in front of your own home or office.

There are few things that can help give a more majestic appearance to a landscape bed full of colorful flora than a masterfully built retaining wall. If your property is hilly, it also provides added support and help fortify soil at uneven levels.

Just like we can light your landscape beds at night, what can really add measurable quality to your walkways or driveways are fixtures of outdoor lighting. Not only do they add beauty, but they can also add some security to your home, as well as provide a light source to any guest who is traversing your hardscape areas. Our use of LED light fixtures mean that your use of this will make your electric bill far less formidable if you choose to purchase these features.

Like our horticultural landscaping, we are equally as conscientious about providing maintenance services for your hardscapes. If there are any cracks, we can fill them with EnviroSAND to prevent the growth of weeds. We use a variety of sealer applications to maintain your hardscapes. Also, during the winter, we also provide snow removal and salting services. You will be able to walk on your driveway to get into your car, as well as your walks and other hardscape areas without having to worry about slipping and falling. Your safety is a high priority for us. Any type of maintenance work that comes with hardscaping, we are more than capable of providing better than our competitors.

No matter how large or small your property, or your budget, you will always get the better of the transaction when you do business with us. Whatever you are able to afford and willing to purchase, it will be done with unmatched effort and skill. The staff at Create-A-Scape gives 100 percent towards every job we do. Serving Cherry Hill and the surrounding region of Camden County, please call us today or visit our contact page for more information or consultation.